July Walks - EP

by Alice Kat

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This EP is a collaberation created by Liam, Kane of Bedbound By Summer and Alice Kat over the course of April/May 2015.
All songs were recorded in Liam's living room on an 8-track recorder.
No computers were used in the making of this album.


released June 1, 2015

Album art photograph taken at the Field Museum, Chicago IL. Photo by Nadia Michelle.



all rights reserved


Alice Kat Boston, UK

we built this from nothing but a feeling

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Track Name: Bar
It's been a cute month
time to cut off
too much attachment
i know its my fault
but when i fall
i fall hard

watch me walk too the bar...

...and i'll knock one
i'll knock two
each time it goes back
i'll forget you
cause when I'm that gone
i dont care
even when you're standing there
with those gorgeous eyes
and that flawless smile
i know it won't bother me
in time
the first steps are hard before closing the door
but i've been there and i've done that before
Track Name: Sylvia C
Sylvia C in the road
You've only a week to live.

So how would you like to spend it, only half there in a hospital bed?
How would you like to spend it?

No more hand in your hair
Or July walks
Woodland frights or midnight talks

Sylvia C in the road
You've only a week to I've
So how do you feel you're fending off a pit in which to lay?
How do you feel, your fending it off?
Track Name: Whatsapp
I love using whatsapp when we sit in class,
Talking and joking about the stuff stuff thats being said.
I'm never sad cause you keep making me laugh,
I always think about how much I'll miss this.

Your eyes on the back of my head,
I feel you breathing down my neck
Overtime you move i smell your perfume.
I feel something in my chest,
I know the one thing i'll ever regret
Is if i never tell you that...

You are all i need right now
You are the light that soothes my dark
You are the smile that makes my frown turn upside down
And while this is so intense
I keep trying my best to make everyday into a memory that I won't forget.

I won't forget, and so I'll sing it again...
Track Name: Shed
I woke up this morning and looked into the mirror
The sun hit my eyes through a gap in the curtain
The orange glow that I expected to see was burnt oak and hollowed
I saw my own strength, I saw my own depth and I saw how id worn

I dreamt about you last night
Holding hands, two years ago you were never part of my plans
I went through some old books in my shed,
taking me back to times before we met now get out my head

oh hold on....
and we sing....

Well im sick of your behaviour, you know I tried so hard
Do you see me in a different light?
Do you see me through different eyes?
It’s still a shame I don’t care though
I'm just so curious to know

oh hold on....
and we sing...
Track Name: 64 Days
With one more walk through the cemetery
Even the dead are sick of the sight of me
But here lies the easiest sleep
And that's what I really need

It doesn't seem to matter the length of the days
I still end up the same way
Sprawled out, defeated, fatigued
And that's sure not what you need

I was here before you
I was so wrong before you
I was this way before you
And somehow I don't think it's gonna change any time soon

The seconds still move the same as ever
But 64 days can pass me by in Summer and not feel like it's been a year

That's how I know that something has changed here

I was here before you
I was so fucked before you
I was this way before you
And somehow I don't think it's gonna change any time soon